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The power of personal pension plans.

Recent tax changes were punitive on many professionals saving for their future. We create personal pension plans to maximize investment returns in retirement. 

Customized investment solutions.

We deliver a diversified portfolio suitable for your needs. The portfolio will combine investments managed by McElvaine with efficient index tracking ETFs. 

Professional advice. Confident decisions.

Our combined team understands your needs. Certified Financial Planners® help you prepare for the future through personal pension plans, RRSP, TFSA and more.  

WealthBar is not affiliated with 3P Financial or McElvaine. Each of WealthBar and 3P Financial has its own policies and procedures which govern conflicts of interest. WealthBar acts at the registered portfolio manager and 3P Financial provided sub advisory services. By favouring McElvaine funds, and by engaging 3P Financial as sub-advisor to the 3P Portfolios, WealthBar has not considered other securities that may have characteristics, such as cost structure or past performance, similar or superior to the 3P Funds when providing discretionary investment management services to your account.

*3P Financial is a Division of McElvaine Investment Management Ltd. 

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WealthBar Financial Services Inc. is a registered Portfolio Manager in all provinces and territories in Canada. WealthBar is also a Full Life Insurance Agent in the provinces of British Columbia and Ontario.

Cash and securities held in your account are protected up to $1,000,000 CDN. Visit CIPF to learn more.

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WealthBar and 3P Financial* have partnered to provide a comprehensive retirement solution for Canadian professionals.

A partnership of doctors and investment professionals, 3P Financial helps fellow physicians prepare for the future. 

Powered by McElvaine Investment Management Ltd and WealthBar, 3P has created an innovative investment solution which leverages technology to deliver investment opportunities and financial planning to Canadian professionals online.

Dr. Lorne Porayko

Staff Critical Care Physician, Anaesthesiologist & Chartered Investment Manager. 

Dr. David Wingnean

Health care professional turned investment analyst. Co-founded William Osler Apex Partners, an investment club for physicians and friends.

Tim McElvaine

Former Chief Investment Officer with Cundill Funds and long-time value investor.

Uniquely qualified. Passionately invested.

3P Financial + WealthBar

Investing designed with you in mind.

Investing made easy.

WealthBar is a leading Canadian online wealth management and financial planning platform that makes investing convenient and accessible for investors from coast to coast.   

WealthBar provides advice from certified financial professionals and professionally managed portfolios for significantly less than a typical mutual fund.

The 3P Financial team help doctors retire comfortably, so they can focus on being physicians. 

Getting started is fast and easy.

Open an account in minutes. No hold music. No paperwork. 

Stay connected to your money on-the-go with the WealthBar app.

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