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With ties to Nicola Wealth Management, a trusted private wealth firm known for high-performance investing. WealthBar leverages decades of experience.

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Get commission-free advice, not a sales pitch. Work with one of our financial advisors to tailor your investments to your needs — not ours.

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WealthBar gives you access to exclusive investment opportunities — ones that were previously only available to the ultra-wealthy. 

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WealthBar fees are a third of traditional mutual fund fees. WealthBar's management fees range from 0.35 to 0.6%. 

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Sarah LaFerte

Wealthbar has been great. I just opened an account on a Sunday morning in about 10 minutes. Any messages I’ve sent are answered within a business day, and I’ve had great returns. Win, win, win!

Harry Shou

They are backed by Nicola Wealth Management which manages over 300 million dollars of assets. Their services are great. They have many portfolios to choose from, and their management fee is competitive. I have over 10% in return for Core Portfolio in the past year.

Karen Bell

Wealthbar is so easy! My investments are doing well, the costs are extremely low, and the service is great! I use the chat feature and get near instant, clear, friendly responses to my questions.

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This illustration assumes a 7% rate of return before fees and a 2% rate of inflation. Mutual fund results are based on an average MER of 2.2% of global balanced commissionable mutual funds (source: Morningstar). WealthBar’s management fee schedule plus average portfolio MER of 0.32% are used for comparison. This illustration is for fee comparison purposes and not a representation of actual future investment performance.

Charts are for illustrative purposes and don’t represent actual performance. 

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Let's see how $81,897.40, which is how much the average Canadian has in mutual funds, grows in a WealthBar investment compared to a mutual fund over 30 years.1

WealthBar Financial Services Inc. is a registered Portfolio Manager in British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Ontario, Quebec, Newfoundland and Labrador, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and PEI. WealthBar is also a Full Life Insurance Agent in the province of British Columbia.

Cash and securities held in your account are protected up to $1,000,000 CDN. Visit CIPF to learn more.

Premium investing for all.

We believe the quality of your investments shouldn't be determined by how much you have to invest. So whether you're investing $1,000 or $100,000, you get access to top-tier investment opportunities and service with WealthBar.

Get access to the same investments as ultra-wealthy investors, with 1/3 the management fees. There's nothing average about that.