WealthBar helped Jean-Luc & Josyane save over $1,000 in fees this year.

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With WealthBar, Jean-Luc and Josyane made sense of their finances and have a clear picture of their future. How can WealthBar help you?

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Jean-Luc and Josyane both have steady careers while raising a young daughter. Despite saving regularly, they were struggling to make sense of their finances. With investment accounts at 4 different institutions, they didn’t know how much they were paying in fees, what their performance was, or even what they were really invested in. Things needed to be simplified.

We helped them understand their overall situation with our financial plan. We showed them how to save for their daughter’s education, while staying on track to pay off their mortgage early and reach their retirement goals. By consolidating nearly all of their investments into WealthBar’s ETF portfolios, they are now saving over $1,000 in fees each year. They love having everything in one place, making it easy to understand their performance, their fees, and progress towards their goals. Instead of dealing with 4 advisors, they now work with one, saving them a ton of time too.

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