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1WealthBar Private Investment Portfolio holds the NWM Core Portfolio Fund. This chart shows the composite returns represent the total returns of fee-paying portfolios with a Nicola Wealth Management Core investment mandate. Performance calculations are net of fees and are presented before tax but after the deduction of custody fees. Composite returns represent past performance and are not to be used as an indication of future results. 

2The typical balanced portfolio is represented by the Morningstar Canadian Neutral Balanced Fund.

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WealthBar Financial Services Inc. is a registered Portfolio Manager in British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Ontario, Quebec, Newfoundland and Labrador, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and PEI. WealthBar is also a Full Life Insurance Agent in the province of British Columbia.

Cash and securities held in your account are protected up to $1,000,000 CDN. Visit CIPF to learn more.

Not all investments are created equal. WealthBar is the only robo advisor in Canada to offer premium investment options.

Invest like the ultra-wealthy with as little as $1,000. Pay 1/3 the fees.

Exclusive access

Made possible through a long-standing relationship with elite money management firm, Nicola Wealth Management, these high-caliber investments feature premium asset classes and investment strategies you wouldn’t normally be able to access with less than $1 million to invest. 

Unlike typical portfolios, these premium portfolios contain private asset classes for an even more balanced approach.

With both private and public investments in your portfolio, you benefit from several layers of added diversity.

Typical Portfolio

WealthBar Private Investment Portfolios

Add more diversity.

Private investments aren’t as impacted by the speculation and headlines that can contribute to the ups and downs in public markets, so you’re better equipped to weather turbulent times.  

Avoid the noise.

WealthBar Private Investment Portfolios1

Balanced Mutual Fund2

S&P TSX Composite

Power in numbers

Become part of an elite purchasing group. Your money is pooled together with other investors which, together, have the power to unlock: 

Higher-quality investment opportunities you wouldn’t normally get access to.

Best-in-class investment managers, selected for their proven talent, expertise and experience.

Active management for greater control over performance and strategy.

Investments purchased at wholesale prices—multiplying the group’s buying and earning potential.

By leveraging income generating investments (real estate, mortgages, options strategies), private investment portfolios offer you the ability to keep your nest-egg invested while you continue to enjoy a paycheque in retirement.

Stay invested—and get a paycheque

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