WealthBar helped Robert keep his home and retire in 3 years.

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With WealthBar, Robert realized both of his goals and can enjoy his retirement from his own home. How can WealthBar help you?

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Robert was a recent widower looking to understand how his financial picture changed since his wife’s passing. He was expecting a lump sum payment from his wife’s estate and wasn’t sure what to do with the money. His two biggest concerns were staying in the house he and his wife called home for so many years and knowing when he could retire.

David helped him understand his options for using the money from his wife’s estate. With David’s help, Robert decided to use some of the money to pay off his mortgage and to add a rental suite. These changes allow him to retire in 3 years and stay in his home, with enough left over to maximize a new TFSA. Robert was so relieved to know he could achieve his goals that he moved all of his investments to WealthBar.

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